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Qualities That A Great Beef Jerky Posses

There are times when you realize when buying food like jerky that you see the same two or more brands. In reality, there are a lot more brands of jerky being sold to the average person daily. Some differ in price and others differ in quantity.

How will you be able to tell if an expensive brand of jerky is worth every penny in your pocket? Classifying a good jerky from a cheap jerky is one way of making the right decision when buying some.

Another thing you need to consider is if it tastes like real meat. Too much sweeteners, tenderizers and preservatives are being added to jerky of major brands which results in the loss of natural meat flavors. A great jerky should taste just like real meat.

You can also test if the jerky chew like real meat. There are brands of jerky that can feel gummy or crumbly due to factors such as too much sugar or has been cooked for too long. Jerky brands sometimes make the mistake of putting in a lot of meat tenderizers that make the jerky too soft to eat. The ultimate texture test is if it still resembles the taste and feel of real meat even after being chewed down to mush.

Utilization of low grades of beef and filling it with stringy sinews results in the jerky having tissues that are hard to chew on. Instead of having lots of meat, the jerky might have large chunks of fat. You can consider your jerky great if there is less or no fat on it and a lot of pure meat. Although having a little bit of fat in the jerky is fine as it can also give it its beefy flavor. But if the jerky has too much fat on it chances are it will taste rancid.

Another thing to consider if the jerky is worth it is if it lives up to its advertisement. Basing the greatness of the jerky on its advertisement is a good practice as it tells a lot about the product.

What really matters is if it is easy to chew. Having tough jerky was very acceptable back then. Now-a-days a lot of brands create chewy and soft jerky products for easier consumption. Save yourself the trouble of going to the doctor because of locked jaw and go for the soft and chewy jerky brands.

The last thing you would want to ask yourself is if the product makes you want to eat more.

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