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Types of Koozies

A foam sleeve or a fabric designed for purposes of preventing gain of heat through insulation in containers that hold beverages such as can or bottle are known as a koozies. Insulation of beverages in koozie bottles is enhanced since they prevent the chilled beverages from becoming warm through the process of heat radiation and conduction. Heat that is likely to warm the beverages in the bottle, may be from warm air, hands, warm surface as well as sunlight. The koozies are quite effective such that they can prevent the warming up of a drink up to 50% in the sun. Other than heat insulation, koozies can as well be used for identification of beverages to avoid one taking another’s and also as a way of marketing. Koozies are cheap to make hence most companies can brand them as a way of promoting their products as well as making their products a common household name.

Styles and materials used in making koozies are quite a number such as neoprene, leather, EVA, vinyl, as well as the closed cell and open cell foams. Koozie containers can be made in such a way that they can be adjusted to fit in different size containers for beverages. Manufacturers all over has also made koozies with multiple insulation for containers. The multiple insulated koozies are very good for a person who might be having more than one beverage since it is possible for all to be insulated in the same koozie individually. The koozies allow for siphoning since they have a hole that has been placed at its bottom. There are people who may request for custom made koozies mostly for events such as wedding hence the koozies will be inscribed with their name.

When taking a beer, most people would prefer a chilled one hence one can purchase a beer koozie which they can use. Beer koozies are also well suited for sealing beers that are open hence protecting them from pouring in case it falls down. Can cozies, bottle koozies, wine bottle coolers as well as wrap coolers are some of the beer koozies available in the market. These different types have been made in a way they are suited for each type of drink on has.

One need to consider several things when purchasing a suitable koozie. One need to know the type of koozie they need when purchasing a suitable koozie to ensure they get an effective one. One can also consider the type of material used in making the koozie to ensure that they get a good one. To get a superior quality of a koozie, one should ensure that the price they pay for the koozie is proportional to the quality of the koozie. Different type of koozies have different insulation property hence one should ensure they get the best.

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