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Points for Finding a Good Plastic Surgeon

If you are mulling plastic surgery, you need to make some decisions. Though a lot of people spend so much time thinking about the operation and the possible results, there is something way more important to look into: the plastic surgeon. Not all doctors are qualified or experienced in all procedures, and picking the right plastic surgeon needs more than a referral. Below are the three main points to take into account before deciding on a certain plastic surgeon:

Technical Expertise

In the U. Plastic surgery is an extremely complicated specialty requiring extensive training and education. Board certification also lets you to make sure that a doctor will satisfy safety requirements and possesses the medical abilities needed, but it is just the beginning. Try asking the surgeon regarding his professional involvement in teaching, writing or speaking about the surgery you are planning, and you will find out whether or not he is updated with new techniques and technology.

Procedure-Specific Experience

Aside form the right training and education, your doctor should also be experienced in performing the specific type of surgery you are planning on. There are surgeons who specialize in a number of procedures, and your procedure must be in his “top three.”

if he has been doing the surgery at least once weekly within the last five years (minimum), then he is a specialist. Plastic surgery is not a simple art and the surgeon must constantly practice to maintain quality in the results. By doing a number of procedures for a certain length of time, he can provide assurance that he has all the needed skills.

Impressive Results

When people think of plastic surgery, they often only think about results, not realizing that plastic surgeries don’t always have a happy ending. After ensuring that a surgeon has the needed expertise and experience, you are well on track, but also make sure this doctor can give you more than average results. Most plastic surgeons have a bunch of “before and after” photos that you should examine.

By considering the above, you have covered the physical aspect of your plastic surgery, but you have more out there. Go with a plastic surgeon who is personable as well. A good plastic surgeon and a great one are differentiated by their manner of interaction with their patients. For this, you have two key issues to consider.

First and foremost, the surgeon should show genuine care for your feelings and overall wellness, and you have to feel it. Second, he should be a good communicator, and you must feel comfortable not just during the surgery but after.

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