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Backflow Preventers and Systems-The Facts You Need to Know About Them

The backflow preventer systems are often a need more so for the residential properties that have a connection to their plumbing units the irrigation systems. As is known with many homeowners, they often use extensive sprinkler systems for the need to water their lawns and yards. In a number of cases, there is hardly a separation that is inbuilt between the irrigation systems and the water that is used for the domestic uses in the home such as that for drinking. This situation often gets the home’s plumbing units and water supplies rather exposed to the risk of backflow, the situation where you have water flowing back into your sprinklers.

The one thing that can be seen that is rather obvious is that this will in most cases place the home at a risk as it will be the case that the water will be carrying lots of contaminants such as pesticides, herbicides and as well fertilizers that are used in the gardens and lawns. This gets to contaminate the clean water in the systems and is quite a health hazard. It will be well advisable for you to have installed the backflow preventers so as to help prevent the instances of such backflows. Talking of backflow preventers, these are ordinarily preventer valves and are available of varied types and the other fact is that these all as varied as they are serve lots of different situations. As we dig deeper, we will now see just how it is that backflows occur.

What is first necessary for us to mention is the fact that backflow is never a normal occurrence. In most cases, water from the suppliers, the municipal water supplier, will flow in the right direction in your sprinkler systems. However, you need to bear in mind the fact that there are a number of situations that will as well create the risk of the reversal of the normal flow of water into the systems. The following are some of the typical cases where you risk having the cases of reversal of the flow of water in your systems.

One is the case where you happen to be using a nearby fire hydrant. The use of these will cause drastic changes in the water pressure. As a result of this, when you get to have the water turned back on after the use of the hydrant, the pressure that was so lost as a result of the use will in most cases cause siphoning of the water. The other cause of the cases of backflow is such as the case of breaks in the water mains supply. When such bursts get to occur in the water supply systems, they get to cause changes in the water gradients and as such these eventually get to cause the water to change its flow direction. Finally, we as well need to appreciate the fact that backflow will as well be caused by cases where the sprinklers are set up in a slopped area.

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