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Clay Shooting Tips for Beginners

For you to be a veteran skeet shooter, you need to have the muscle and nerve for hard work and dedication. By far and large, great clay shooters had their lessons learnt from personal practice and experience. Nevertheless, most of the veteran skeet shooters concur on some of the following as some of the most essential tips for clay shooting.

First and foremost, talking of clay shooting and the mere fact that it involves the use of guns for the sport, safety should be the natural factor that needs to ring in mind in so far as tips go. Safety will call on you to ensure that you have worn all the essential hearing and eye protection always. Always remember to handle your guns as if they were always loaded even though you need to bear in mind the general counsel to ensure that you have it so unloaded until that time that you will be ready to shoot. As well mind the fact that you need to have the gun’s muzzle kept pointing downwards only to be lifted when you are taking a shot. The gun as well needs to be unloaded whenever you are crossing any ditch, fence or crossing or jumping over a stream.

The second tip that you will appreciate as a beginner in skeet shooting is that of ensuring that you have found the right fit of gun. This is so essential for you to be able to shoot right where you are aiming. To help you with this, you may need to test check the gun by setting a target board some yards away, say 16 yards or so. You will then test the gun by taking shots at the target without particularly aiming and in the event that you realize you are missing the target all too often, then you may need to consider having the gun fitted right.

For you to have such precision in clay shooting skills, the next thing you will need to look into is to determine which of the two eyes is the most dominant. Do not fall into the mistake that has been made by many of the clay shooters where they assume that going by the dominant hands, they can tell of their eye dominance as well.

After you have so successfully determined which of your eyes is dominant, the next step will be to take a tryout on your mounts/swings, and this you need to do with the gun unloaded. Make it a habit practicing your swings/mounts and this is the best way that you will be able to perfect your skeet shots.

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