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Water Health and Your Community

The effort of having clean water in a specific community can be a job for everyone to help with. Sure, the treatment plans are responsible for the main job of producing clean water, but everyone can assist them by not throwing away toxic substances and avoiding pollution whenever possible. Whether it’s the garbage from your home or business, it’s simple to make sure that you dispose of variable items appropriately. When a community is educated and made aware of the results of their actions, they can make better choices when it comes to water quality and potential sources of pollution.

In terms of the water supply that nature creates, it’s a wonderful place to visit but not a great place to leave things behind. Those seemingly small wrappers, packages, and drinks that people don’t throw out when they’re hiking or camping can later wreak problems for the water treatment plants or simply become pollutants and a danger to animals. Pack in/pack out is a very good awareness reminder for just this scenario.

Remember that the items your pour down the drain affect not just your house, but also the homes of your neighbors, when things like bacon grease are poured down into the main pipes. The water supply for a community is valuable and if everyone was aware of how their decisions affected it, they would make smarter choices. There are agencies who specialize in water education and have materials ready for those who want to learn, like the ASEA, and you can learn a lot from their website online. Then, you can share this information with your children, so they too can learn how to care for the water they drink and use.

By investing the time it takes to learn how to maintain the reliable source of water, it will be investing in our own future so we can continue to use water for our everyday needs. It’s not the job of a single individual, but rather everyone’s job who uses the local water to make smarter decisions and think of the long term results our actions can have.

You might even want to turn it into a game, to see how much you can conserve while still taking care of your basic and daily needs. This type of thinking will show them that even one person can make a difference and encourage them to think about the health of the water that’s around them.

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