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Basic Ways to Care for Your Watch

Regardless of the price of your watch, you’ll want to care for it as best you can – it can last a lifetime with regular upkeep! If you have no idea how to do it, no worries. The steps are quite elementary. No need for any special equipment – just a commitment to keeping your watch in great condition.

The Essentials

Do not clean your watch using any chemicals or fluids. The safest way is to wipe it with one of those manufacturer-provided cleaning cloths. You should never put your timepiece inside your pocket either. If it must go there, make sure it is wrapped, especially the glass. And don’t wear it on the same wrist as any other metal jewelry to avoid scratching the sides. Before you change the time, take off the watch – the crown stem may snap due to the pressure.

Regular Servicing

In most cases, brands advise regular watch servicing every three (automatic) to five (quartz) years. However, certain brands have stretched this to five to ten years. Servicing is crucial in maintaining the smooth functioning of your watch. Just like an automobile, a watch should also maintain good lubrication. Otherwise, the components that maintain movement will start to corrode, thereby compromising how the timepiece works. As well, every one to two years, have your watch checked for water resistance – remember that seals can break with time. And while you’re there, give your watch a polish only once in a while (you don’t want to thin out the bracelet).

Avoiding Electrical Appliances

Always be mindful of the fact that watches can become magnetized. This is could be bad for any timepiece, especially mechanical ones, because they can make the watch run too fast. So avoid putting your watch on top of or next to your TV, refrigerator or anything electronic.

Back in the Box

If you’re not using your watch, put it back in its box. Put your watch in a pouch when you travel (your manufacturer will probably give you one following servicing). Or just wrap the watch in a fabric that is soft and safe enough. If your watch is bracelet type, the metal shouldn’t be touching crystal because it could scratch it.

Your Good Old Toothbrush

To clean a metal watch bracelet, you can rely your good old toothbrush. By just brushing the case and space between the links, you will instantly see a big difference. However, see to it that your timepiece is waterproof before you attempt this, and that the button is screwed down if necessary.

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