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Money takes the form of coins or banknotes and is the current medium of exchange. Money is important in our day to day lives as it enables us to trade ang get the goods we want. The representation of the value of economic items such as goods, services, expenses and the rest is done with money as a unit of account. Assets are economic resources that are tangible or intangible that results to positive economic values. These functions are the main reason for the emergence of money. Money came about to bring some order and have an average measure of economy.

There are various types of money which include paper, commercial bank, digital money, coinage, representative and commodity. Certain unique sets of characteristics have been found in the various types of money. Gold, silver and bronze was used to make money but due to its weight impact, copper is now majorly used by most economies.

Counterfeit goods is no stranger in many parts of the world and it has been a menace to end. Representative money takes involves several forms that can be exchanged for a fixed quantity of a products. The various forms in which representative money takes is paper money or physical tokens which is then exchanged to something of the same value.
Depending on the need of the commodity it is then used as a medium of exchange. Due to the wide use of technology in many countries, the use of digital money has evolved too.

They are in contact with their customers by using their websites to give information. Through effective communication closing of deals and sales are preceded resulting to a satisfied customer and business. All the information about the products and services offered by these companies are contained on these sites It is also through these websites that clients can comment about the quality of services offered and the products purchased and used too. Any final decision made in choosing a company is done after reviewing the feedback s made.

The official silver bullion coin of the American nation is the American silver eagle. America being among the most developed economies influences the exchange rate in other countries. Trading is the exchange of goods and services but with some monetary form which is influenced by the value of the developed currency. The shape and design of the American silver eagle has changed over the recent years. The developing economies ensure they maintain good relations with the developed economies as they impact hugely and directly to their economies. With assistance of foreign aid developed economies impact largely.

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