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How to Market Your Business on Fed Biz Ops

Fed Biz Ops is a continuously updated record of live federal business opportunities that are available to businesses in the private sector. All companies that have completed the minimum required registration for selling to the authorities have the ability to enroll on Fed Biz Ops and check out submitted solicitations.

Below is how to market your company to the e Government Agencies and target qualifying solicitations.

Registering Your Business on Fed Biz Ops.

Having your company registered in Fed Biz Ops is a significant step in selling to the government, since it’s your chance to record your business’ capacities – along with contact info, web site address, and much more. As companies are seeking business opportunities, fedbizopps is being scanned for suppliers for numerous government contracting opportunities.

Be as comprehensive as you can when registering your company on biz ops that are federal, and ensure that you include any applicable as well as registered self certification status, like minority owned, small business, disabled vet owned, women owned, among others.

Identifying Federal Business Opportunities.

You need to be realistic when looking for federal business opportunities. Once registered on fedbizopps, business owners may check out opportunities by NAICS and set aside status among others. It’s recommended that you search for government contracting opportunities first within your NAICS and for government opportunities that have been set aside.

Review each solicitation to ensure that your business qualifies for the bid submission. The review documents like performance work statement, solicitation guidelines and modifications for qualification for example: yearly gross revenue requirements, length of time in business, along with other crucial details which will indicate whether the solicitation you’re looking at is a valuable and logical federal business opportunity for your business.

You should consider confirming if you meet the basic requirements and if the solicitation will be open for long enough for you to prepare a bid. In case the opportunity that you are interested in is expiring within a few days, you probably don’t have sufficient time to go for all the necessary pre-contract meetings and site visits and prepare a decent bidding. You can check the solicitation for extensions but majority expire on their indicated date and get awarded soon after.

Bidding on Government Contract Solicitations.

After you have identified opportunities that your business qualifies for, it will be crucial that you create a plan on collecting all necessary documentation for submitting your bid. It’s absolutely acceptable and often times required to do a site visit before the contract is awarded so as to gauge the scope of the project. Additionally, you should be conscious of mandatory pre-award meetings and modifications posted that might affect bid entry requirements.

Business opportunities worth billions of dollar are awarded on fedbizopps per year and you should ensure that your company benefits from procurement on Fed Biz Ops.

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