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Some Things to Enjoy on Your Summer Vacation in Nice France

The city of Nice in France is located in the French Riviera which is the second most popular French city which is after Paris but not with no reason. There are so many things offered by this coastal city. There are so many tourists who are drawn to visit this place because of the wonderful beaches, the diverse urban areas and also the old-world charm that this place gives.

Along the Mediterranean, there is such famous walkway that is really perfect for walking, biking, rollerblade or just sit and admire the blue waters of Bay Angels. Nice’s beautiful beaches are not sandy but they are made up of pebbles. But, there are several restaurants as well as facilities that you can certainly enjoy for you to have a really wonderful holiday.

At the coastline’s east end, you can find Castle Hill. Those waterfall, ruins and breathtaking view of the city would surely make your walk up there worth it. There are so many painters, composers and artists who are drawing inspiration from this city and such is really known to be beautiful by many.

That heart of the city which is the old Nice can be best explored on foot. The market squares are always buzzing with lots of activities and they have a great number of bars and restaurants and such provide that lively ambience on the days and also serve as a fantastic night clubs during the night. What you should try is that authentic restaurant for you to have a great experience in their traditional meals and get to enjoy such Mediterranean feel. Also, you should not miss the vegetable and flower market every week. There are amazing churches as well as painted buildings that you will get to see here that would mesmerize the visitor with its beauty and charm.

An important thing that you should know is that this place is really excellent for those lover of history. With such historical sites and also those monuments that date to different periods of history and architecture. The different art galleries and museums here do showcase such remarkable collection that would feature the works of those international artists and local artists. There are a lot of popular museums that you may even visit.

For families, solo travelers and the honeymooners who want to go to a place where they can relax and have a fantastic holiday, then they can visit Nice, France which would offer year-round sunshine. It is surely a fantastic place of those beautiful sites and also experiences with something to offer to all people.

If you are interested about having your summer vacation in this part of France, then you can for sure enjoy it and you won’t regret coming here.

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