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Facts to Know of Clad Metals

When two distinct metals happen to be so metallurgically bonded together so as to get a the best mix of the functional qualities, then we result in what are commonly referred to as clad metals. These can be designed in a number of forms such as in plate, wires, sheets, tubes and rods. This technique, cladding metals, can verily be applied on a number of the engineering metals. The one benefit that cladding allows is that of enabling for the designing such a metal that has unique characteristics that cannot be found in a single material.

Clad metals can be derived from a host of various processes and some of these are such as co-rolling, casting, co-extrusion, diffusion bonding, welding, heavy chemical deposition, and heavy electroplating. One of the industries that has seen and benefited from the use of the clad metals is the jewelry industry which has used the technology to come up with blends of the precious metals and the strength of the low cost base metals. There are two basic kinds of the clad metals and these are the inlay clads and the overlay clads. The two kinds of the clad metals are described as is taken below.

Talking of the inlay clads, these actually happen to be some of the most complicated applications of the clad metals and technology. This happens to be so looking at the fact that with the use of inlay clads, a designer will be in a position to integrate various materials, costly and precious indeed, such as palladium, gold, silver and platinum with the ones that aren’t as costly such as brass, stainless steel and copper. It is one cladding technology that is loved for the fact that it allows you to have the properties of the precious metals right where you want them. Inlay cladding actually has a host of benefits that it has over the selective plating process as a method of cladding.

The first is the fact that with this technology, there is no discrimination in the kind of alloys to use for the plating and as well will assure you of such a consistent composition and also you will have the freedom to use as many alloys which ordinarily would not be possibly plated. Clad metals invariably will assure you of some characteristics that as well assure of bond reliability at the best possible standards. When it comes to the use of the precious metals, this tech allows you to use them sparingly and as such you will end up making such immense savings.

As for the overlay cladding of metals, this is a method that allows you to have dissimilar layers of metals to be bonded together. It is a technique that sees the use of adhesives and filler materials.

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